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Ohh noo

We know that on the sidebars it says the photo has been removed or moved and I accidently removed some of them off my photoshop, but at least i still have them in my pictures. So soon we’ll have them back so stay tuned!


Penguin Style October’10

This time I put it into a video and it was a little easier, hope you guys like it!

October 1st Tour guide pay day is today!

Hey guys, sorry we haven’t posted in awhile, I finally got a new laptop charger!! So are website is going to be active again! Sorry for any inconvenience.

The fair is here!

Hi everybody sorry we haven’t been posting for a while but now were back and heres some of the games you can play at the fair!
1.Puffle Paddle- Use the paddle to bounce and keep puffles in the air, when you lose all your puffles then the game is over.

2.Balloon Pop-Blow your puffle with the fan and pop the targets by pushing them into the cactuses. If you run into the catuses 3 times its game over.

3.Feed-a-puffle -Feed puffles by shooting puffle-o’s into there mouths, feed as many as you can with 100 puffle o’s.

Also by playing the games you earn tickets. With tickets you can buy prizes from the prize booth

Also for members theres a Great Puffle Circus and another prize booth.

And this is what the great puffle circus looks like.

Tell us what you think of the fair! See ya!

Rockhopper is back! Tips on how to find him+Tracker

Rockhopper is finally back to clubpenguin! and here’s a very accurate tracker to help you find him.

<a title="Rockhopper" href="http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com/rockhopper-tracker" target="_blank"><img src="http://paintboy100.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/real-rockhopper-tracker1.gif" alt="real" width="178" height="214" /></a>

Tips on how to find Rockhopper!

  • Rockhopper is a penguin who is red, a little bigger then other penguins, he has a long black beard and wears a black pirate hat. He also sometimes has his red puffle by him.
  • Rockhopper is usually somewhere for 15 to 20 minuets then he usually moves on to another room or another server. So that way you have a better chance in finding him!
  • Check these rooms to find Rockhopper: Migrator, Beach, Dock, Shiphold, Pizza place or the Plaza.
  • Check these popular servers to find him: Frozen, Sleet, Mammoth, Mittens, and Fjord. Also other popular servers where there are lots of penguins on.
  • If you see a ton of penguins trying to get through a certain room that probably means Rockhopper is in that room.
  • Look for penguins shouting Rockhopper or wearing red.
  • If you find Rockhopper click him then click on the box on his card to get a rockhopper background.

Use this to help you determine where he’s already been

He was last seen at:

Deepfreeze, Cove – 1:55 Penguin Time
Icebound, Cove – 1:45 Penguin Time
Mittens, Ship – 1:25 Penguin Time
Parka, Ship – 12:30 Penguin Time
Mittens, Ship – 11:50 Penguin Time
Blizzard, Pizza Parlor – 8:15 Penguin Time
Fjord, Cove – 7:58 Penguin Time
Frozen, Ship – 7:00 Penguin Time
Frozen, Beach – 6:55 Penguin Time
Mittens, Dock – 7:05 Penguin Time
Frozen, Dock – 6:00 Penguin Time
Mammoth, Iceberg – 12:40 Penguin Time
Frozen, Dock – 12:00 Penguin Time
Crystal, Cove – 11:40 Penguin Time

Hope these helped! Comment if you find Rockhopper!

Strange sighting at the iceberg

Hey guys today when I went to the iceberg I saw something weird so I took a picture.

It swum around the whole iceberg before it dissapeared, when I took the picture was the last time I saw it. It sorta looked like a squid to me. Maybe it’s something Rockhopper brought from Rockhopper Island. If you have any guesses as to what this is then please leave a comment thanks! See ya!


Island Adventure Party!

Hey guys the Island Adventure Party started yesterday and I have the cheats  to where the boats on.

The first boat is in the forest.

The second boat is at the beach.

The third boat is at the snow forts.

The fourth boat is at the Hidden Lake aka Mermaid Cove.

The fifth boat is in the plaza.

The sixth boat is in the town.

The seventh boat is at the ski village.

The last boat is at the iceberg.

Well thats where all the hidden boats are at hope that helped! Cya!